How I Use Rice Water For My Daily Skincare

I always hear that woman from many countries use rice water for their daily skincare. I find it very impressive! Even one of my friends Aurora also uses rice water for her nighttime skincare. I observed her for a few days and I must say her skin looks beautiful like never before. 

I started watching videos and reading books to learn more about how I use rice water for my skincare. After spending some days researching, Using fermented rice water is the most common advice. 

Some are recommending just filling the rice water in a spray bottle and using them. But honestly, I’m not sure which method is the best. So, I decided to dive in and explore more ways so that I could use rice water in my routine.

I decided to take some advice from my friend Aurora so that I could make my rice water at home. So I called her and she told me about her experience of using rice water. She also shared how she prepares the mixture before she applies it to her skin.

After discussing with Aurora, I started making my rice water at home. At first, I took some rice and crushed it into powder so that it could bleed well with water. Then I added some peanut powder, milk, and rose water and mixed them all until it was all well blended. 

Then I applied that mixture to my face. I massage my face well so that the mixture can reach a deep level of my skin. It took almost 1 hour to dry before I washed it. After using it for some days I noticed that my skin was much more better than before. 

But then I got some bad news. Some of my other friends used rice water too but unfortunately, not all of them were getting positive results. One of my friends told me that after allying rice water she got a rash on her skin. 

So we decided to arrange a group call and discuss the problem. Over the call, we all came to know that she was storing the water for a week rather than using fresh rice water daily.

My friend Aurora was also on that call and she told us all that fresh rice water and fermented rice water works differently on the skin depending on our skin quality. 

If we want to use fermented rice water we have to store that for two or three days but storing it for more than that may get a little bit bad for our skin.

At that stage, I did not want any complications. So I start using fresh rice water. After I come back from work, I finish my household work and then I prepare the rice water and keep it in my refrigerator. I use that mixture before going to the office and after I come back home in the evening.

I forgot to mention that my skin is a little bit acne-prone. Despite that, after some days I started noticing that the rice water was working very nicely with my skin and showing a bright tone effect on my face. 

So, after trying so many methods I Finally found the perfect way to use rice water for my skin. I want to give some tips to all of you based on my experience so that you can easily find what is most suitable for you. 

  • Always use fresh rice water. Do not store it. If by any chance you need to store it, do not store it for more than a few days. 
  • Refrigerate rice water. It will keep it fresh until you use it. Try to maintain a normal temperature while you Refrigerate. 
  • Do not rely on one single method. Try to figure out what works best for your skin. 
  • If your skin is sensitive, Do not use fermented rice water. 

It was a beautiful experience for me to try rice water on my skin. I know It takes time for me to find the right method for my skin type but finally, I found the right way. I know you are also interested give it a try and that’s why you are reading this post. My advice to you is to give it a try and see how it works for you. 

If you find any problem while applying it or find any side effects you can share that with me through email. My email is